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Jumping Singapore

A Social Enterprise Initiative Of New Hope Community Services

Jumping Singapore is the sole provider of Jumping Fitness, a comprehensive fitness program, in Singapore. We sell trampolines, conduct Jumping Fitness classes and organise fitness events. Jumping Fitness is a sports movement founded by TOMÁŠ BURIÁNEK and JANA SVOBODOVÁ of Czech Republic. With distributors in more than 70 countries, Jumping Fitness is loved for its vibrancy, dynamism and effective health and fitness results.

As a social enterprise, Jumping Singapore is a business with a social cause. Jumping Singapore’s mission is to generate revenue to fund and advance the social programmes of New Hope Community Services, a national Charity to poor and homeless Singaporeans. Jumping Singapore’s flagship product is the jumping fitness program. Currently, we conduct daily classes at 3 studio locations, and engage up to 14 freelance certified jumping fitness instructors.When you jump with us, you are impacting lives and giving hope of a better future to our beneficiaries.

Mass Jumping Workouts For a Healthier Singapore

Through our Community Jumps! initiative, we bring jumping fitness to the communities with the objective of building a more cohesive and healthier Singapore. These regular, island-wide, mass jumping® fitness workouts  engage, bridge and inspire different communities to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are enjoyable, socially engaging and promote active ageing. When Community Jumps!, Community Elevates!

For more information on Jumping Singapore, visit our website here.

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