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Kampong Siglap Life Skills Training & Retreat Centre

Elevating Lives Through Optimal Engagement

The Singapore Jump Fest 2018 aims to raise funds for the approved building project of NHCS, the Kampong Siglap Life Skills Training & Retreat Centre. This will be the first-of-its-kind training centre designed for sustained engagement with NHCS beneficiaries and low income families through family retreat programs.

Many low-income families are entrapped in a poverty cycle, even experiencing inter-generational poverty. Sustained engagement with them is important because it is relationship focused. Participants develop healthy mindsets amidst fun, food and family bonding activities and come back again due to the meaningful interactions with social workers, befrienders, and mentors from the community. Sustained engagement does not create reliance, but through better support from a community of people who cares, our beneficiaries will develop independence and coping skills to achieve better life outcomes.

Kampong Siglap will also serve as a Life Skills Training Centre where participants will acquire essential life skills and other relevant training from professional coaches.  Specially designed, individualized programmes will be conducted for better learning outcomes. Moreover, the existing facilities within the premises will be converted into training rooms and a community kitchen for hands-on learning and role playing, which are important means of imparting technical knowledge and life skills.

We invite you to sponsor a room and to make a mark on the lives of our beneficiaries. Each sponsored facility will contribute to our cause in elevating lives and alleviating poverty in Singapore.

Sponsor A Facility

Every facility at Kampong Siglap is designed to provide a complete and conducive environment for effective learning and meaningful interaction.

We invite you to sponsor a room where we will commemorate and acknowledge your giving towards elevating the lives of disadvantaged families and individuals on a customized Memorial Recognition Plaque installed in the room.

13 Dormitories ------------ $50,000 each
4 Training Rooms ------ $100,000 each
1 Conference Room --- $100,000
1 Kitchen ------------------ $150,000
1 Auditorium ------------- $300,000
1 Dining Hall ------------- $250,000

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us here.

A Volunteerism Hub

Kampong Siglap will also be a hub for community volunteerism. Schools, corporate and individual volunteers can give back through various avenues from professional counselling to planning activities for children of clients undergoing training. This will be a ‘many helping hands’ approach towards profound social good. Kampong Siglap will be a place where givers and receivers are enriched through meaning interactions.

With your support, New Hope Community Services will be able to continue to serve our beneficiaries and empower them to create a better future for their families. You can make a lasting difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Thank you for giving towards Project Elevation!

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