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Be An Influenzer For Good…Be Our Ambassador

As our Ambassador, you play an important role in the success of our campaigns. Your support and advocacy for our cause give us much encouragement and impetus to work towards a better future for each of our beneficiaries. Be our spokesperson and share our vision and mission within your sphere of influence. If you are also one of our jumping clients, share your success story and spread the joy of jumping with all its inherent health and fitness benefits.

For a minimum $5000 raised during the Singapore Jump Fest, you will receive a 6 months unlimited free pass to Jumping Singapore studio classes.

For a minimum $10,000 raised, you will receive a one-year unlimited free pass to Jumping Singapore studio classes.

Thank you for your support!

Ambassador Registration Form.

Be our ambassador and help us to raise funds for our $5M building project — to setup a Life Skills Training and Retreat Centre for low-income families & individuals. As our ambassador, your profile will be available on SJF website for public viewing.

(Fill in the registration form below and the organizer will be in touch with you shortly regarding your personalized donation page.)

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