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Asia Farm F&B

Leading Drink Manufacturer In Singapore

Specialises In Creating Unique & Healthy Beverages With An Asian Flavour

Jumping Singapore thanks Asia Farm F&B Pte Ltd for being the official drink sponsor that supplies almost 2000 bottles of purple tea for donors and guests at the Singapore Jump Fest 2019. Thank you for being a part of our fundraising event and making a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.

The Purple Tea Supports Your Active Lifestyle

The Purple Tea is synonymous with Asian exquisiteness. It is distilled tradition in a bottle that packs a punch. The flagship product of Asia Farm F&B, the purple tea was concocted to deliver concentrated antioxidants to counter the effects of pollution and stress in 21st century living. Nutrients packed, yet palatable, natural and only lighted sweetened, the purple tea provides instant hydration and supports the active lifestyle.

Purple tea leaves are harvested from a special stock of tea bushes grown on high altitude rich volcanic mountain soil. They are the naturally treated and brewed to perfection using traditional methods. Rich in anthocyanins which give it a distinctive purple colour, the purple tea provides anti oxidative protection as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits to

  1. promote weight loss
  2. slow down the aging process
  3. protect against cancer and other degenerative diseases
  4. enhance healing
  5. strengthen the immune system

The purple tea is available at major supermarkets including NTUC, Sheng Siong, Giant and Mustafa. They are also popular with hotels, restaurants and catering sector.

Purple Tea will be served to all guests and participants at the Singapore Jump Fest, on 12th October 2019, at the D’Marquee Downtown East.

To be part of Singapore’s only Jump-For-good event, the Singapore Jump Fest, please register for any of our programs here.

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