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Judging Panel Announced For The Jumping Fitness Championship 2019

Judging Panel Announced For The Jumping Fitness Championship 2019

The judging panel for the Jumping Fitness Championship 2019 has been announced today.

This panel of managers and fitness enthusiasts come from various professional backgrounds but all have these in common… passion for jumping fitness and compassion for the poor. They will be judging contesting teams on a variety of criteria, including originality, synchronicity, creativity, techniques and strength.

The Jumping Fitness Championship was first inaugurated in 2017 to determine the best teams, to boosts jumping fitness standards, to popularize the sport and to promote Jumping Singapore. In conjunction with the Singapore Jump Fest 2019, we are grateful to be able to run the competition again this year, thanks to the generous sponsorship and enthusiastic support of our partners and stakeholders.

The judging panel consists of:

MT Nailton HeringerMaster Trainer Nailton Heringer Jr.

MT Nailton Heringer aka Nale is an exceptional trainer known for his awe-inspiring and magnetic presence. He is the young and enterprising business & operations manager of G1 Gesundheit & Fitness VS, a German fitness gym, as well as the official jumping fitness agent and master trainer in Germany. A dynamic star lead and a co-worker for good, MT Nale is well loved by Singapore and remembered for the happiness he brought to last year’s Jumping Big Party. He is all in with us to create a better future for low income and displaced Singaporeans through the Life Skill Training Centre project, volunteering his help in event venue setup as well as in training Jumping Singapore instructors through free jumping fitness master classes . MT Nale is the authentic and authoritative voice of jumping fitness and the guest judge of the Jumping Fitness Championship 2019. It is our privilege to have him evaluate and score each performance in the spirit of professionalism and true sportsmanship.

Ms Edna Leong

Ms Edna is a Partner of Singapore Consultancy Pte Ltd and sits on the board of New Hope Community Services as the Treasurer, overseeing all aspects of financial management. She is also a certified jumping fitness instructor and plays a supportive role in the management of the social enterprise, Jumping Singapore. Ms Edna is not hesitant to remind clients to be on time for class and to insist that they clean the trampolines after use. She is known for her firm and no nonsense approach to management, yet is warm and fun loving in class. Ms Edna was a judge at the first jumping fitness competition held in 2017. She is back this year with a more challenging benchmark for all contestants.

Mr Michael Lee

Mr Michael Lee, Chairman & CEO of Genesis Food & Beverages Group International Pte Ltd, has a repertoire of professional and business accomplishments, having served in senior management positions and as board member of reputable companies, both locally and overseas for big International F&B brands including Burger King, Starbucks Coffee, Dairy Queen, Orange Julius, Kamelkorn, Papa John’s Pizza International and Orange Tea. He is a board member of New Hope Community Services and acts as business adviser to Jumping Singapore. Admirably, Mr Michael Lee is also an influential Singapore master athlete, a hurdler and a sprinter, who takes part regularly in Masters track and field meets and represent Singapore Masters in regional athletics championships. He trains regularly with his fellow Master athletes at the track 3-4 times a week. As one of the judges on the Jumping Fitness Championship panel, Mr Michael Lee has a critical eye when it comes to showmanship, form and presentation. He is one judge who will be hard to impress.

Mr Lim Bak Chim

Mr Lim Bak Chim serves on the Board of New Hope Community Services in various roles, most recently as New Hope Honorary Secretary. A forerunner in several worthy projects, Mr Lim played a pivotal role in the setting up of New Hope Bouncefit in 2016, before it was renamed as Jumping Singapore. He also sits on the Kampong Siglap Management Committee to spearhead the operations of our unique Life Skills training centre designed to serve low income and homeless Singaporeans. Professionally, he works as Head of Commercial regionally with the world largest container shipping line. A fitness enthusiast and a marathoner, he leads an active lifestyle and has also become a certified jumping fitness instructor. His coaching and transformational leadership style stems from his outgoing and nurturing personality and his conviction that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. As a judge at the Jumping Fitness Championship 2019, he will be looking for creativity, originality and that stamp of excellence in each performance. There will be no place for mediocrity.

Together the impressive panel will decide and award the best teams of 2019. Judges’ decision will be final!

The Jumping Fitness Championship 2019 is opened for public viewing at the D’Marquee, Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Downtown East, Singapore 519599 on 12th Oct 2019, 6pm-7pm.

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